FMCLIVE – is registered by the name “Financial Management Centre”

Hello, welcome to “FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT CENTRE”. We help those who want to learn Stock Market, Economics and Financial Management or want to learn something via the Internet.

We will prove to be very helpful for “INVESTROS”. If you want to invest in stock market or in other sectors, you can learn from industry’s best.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMNET CENTRE will train you properly. We all want to make money with money and have spoken about the share market in the whole world.

Share market is the world’s largest investor securities, we will teach all of it’s forms step by step. It is training in EQUITY, DERIVATIVE OR CURRENCY etc. Our aim is to give you training, one has to learn by getting training so that you don’t take loss and it is important to learn before investing in any sector.


The mission of the FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT CENTRE is to tell you about economics, in which you know Indian Economy or World Economy. Will tell about all the companies of India and will do EVENTS together in all places of India. The economy will be trained by experts through training. Experts from India will be economy speakers who will tell you the economy.

FMCLIVE is committed to produce stock market analysis, equity analyst / research analyst and professionals for this upcoming sector. FMCLIVE is narrowing the gap between and supply for professional.

FMCLIVE will give you equity, currency and F&O training. We will tell you about the investment portfolio. All of the company’s support will be called Technical analysis ad Fundamental analysis with the help of which you can do the research and Buy of stocks. We will also tell you about the chart. We will learn you all types chart candles with the help. You can buy Intraday or Delivery call.

FMCLIVE will provide you the call on daily base. It will be very easy for beginners to invest in us. We will update every day news.

FMCLIVE will give training through WEBINAR, ZOOM & MEET etc. 2 times a week.

Thank you for reading.